Military Makeover with Montel® continues its exciting season with Luke Harvey and Natasha Woodruff. In partnership with major brands and local volunteers, the team embarks on a complete renovation of the family’s Lincolnton, North Carolina home.

Before we dive in, it’s important to note our makeovers go far beyond the renovations. That’s why we’re honored to help this incredibly inspiring family. So now, learn more about Luke and Natasha’s story.

Then up next, meet our official beverage partner for the season: Lipton.

Our makeovers run on an extremely tight schedule. So, no matter how much planning we do to ensure we stay on track, there’s one thing we can’t stop: unfavorable weather. That’s why we’re eliciting help from the weather pros at AccuWeather.

First up on our renovation list? We’re looking to upgrade the Harvey/Woodruff home’s exterior siding and trim with the experts at LP Building Solutions.

Next, Caesarstone returns to partner with Military Makeover by supplying new countertops in the kitchen and outside workstation.

In addition, ABC Supply Co. is back – yet again! They’re a major supporter of our nation’s veterans. So, that is why they jumped on the opportunity to help the family by supplying new windows and doors.

Plus, we’re back with our longtime parter, Goodman Manufacturing, ready to support the Harvey/Woodruff family with a Goodman HVAC system.