When transitioning out of the military, many veterans realize adjusting to civilian life and finding their next career path can be difficult. Ricoh understands the sacrifices that current and former military have made on behalf of our country.

Their goal is to help veterans use their valuable military skills as a springboard to a successful career. Strong work ethic, dedication, integrity, leadership, adaptability, and dependability are just a few of the traits veterans bring to the table.

They’re the same values Ricoh looks for in their employees. They believe those characteristics drive veterans to excel in the workplace.

Ricoh’s business is to empower digital workplaces using innovative technologies and services that enable individuals to work smarter. That mission translates to our country’s veterans. They hire — and empower — former military to begin a successful civilian career. They’re always looking for smart, driven, and talented veterans to join their team.

Plus, their commitment to veterans goes far beyond compensation. They take care of employees with excellent benefits: healthcare, retirement savings plans, paid holidays, personal time off, employee assistance programs, and more.

They also support veterans through the annual Ricoh Run for Heroes, which has raised more than $100,000 for the military and their families.