We’re back at the Marquez home in Dacula, Georgia as the Military Makeover team continues the renovations with CaptionCall, DISH, and more.

First, learn about our family: Master Gunnery Sergeant Marcelino Marquez has served 27 years on active duty and in the Reserves, and spent more than five years assigned to Mortuary Affairs. Studies have shown that Mortuary Affairs personnel have some of the highest rates of post-traumatic stress disorder. Marcelino continues to struggle every day with the experiences he encountered while serving in Mortuary Affairs.

Our volunteers are hard at work getting the home ready for our veteran family. First up, Art tests out the vast entertainment package kindly provided by our friends at DISH.

Thanks to our friends at Bowflex, a garage with limited space has now become a state-of-the-art fitness center that can support the family’s exercise needs and goals.

Here on Military Makeover, we always try to take our veterans’ physical limitations into account. Marcelino, who has experienced hearing loss since his time in service, is a perfect fit for CaptionCall.

While the team on the ground continues their final touches in preparation for reveal day, our friends from Golden Valley Natural have brought a variation of their sought-after Hero Jerky to fuel our crew.