Welcome back to the beautiful city of Lynn, Massachusetts, where we are giving back to National Guard veteran Jason Carmody and his family. Jen and Art rally up the troops to get this makeover started! The crew is hard at work as they make some big changes on the home.

There are many moving parts to our Military Makeover operations, so it’s important we keep things orderly! That’s where Junk King comes in.

Our amazing partners at Til Valhalla Project are back to provide our volunteers with their beautifully designed Military Makeover tees.

With the changing seasons in Lynn, Massachusetts, it’s important to ensure that our military family has the most up-to-date HVAC unit to handle it all.

Not only is PREMIER Bankcard here educating local veterans and volunteers about their amazing credit card programs, but they’ve also decided to assist us with the makeover by sponsoring a new dining table for the family.

Plus, GE Aerospace along with GE Lighting have joined us to help out with the Carmody family makeover.