Yoli Hydrates the Military Makeover Team at the Hixon Home

It's easy to work up a sweat in South Florida. So, our friends at Yoli are looking out for the Military Makeover team by offering hydration stations!

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Ways to Get Healthy with Yoli for the Hixon Family

Our friends at Yoli are sitting down with Debbi Hixon to discuss ways to get healthy.

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A Fitness Consultation for Our Veteran with Planet Fitness

While we have the family out of the house during the makeover, Art is taking our well-deserved veteran to Planet Fitness to work with one of their motivating and knowledgeable personal trainers.

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Hartz Offers Pet Care for Your Furry Friends

Hartz is sharing everything the Willet family needs to know to keep their dog, Lulu, clean, healthy, and safe.

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