Energy & Efficiency

Modern technology has made it easier than ever to maximize energy efficiency, one of the top priorities for homeowners everywhere. We’ll offer DIY tips and introduce innovative products and companies who show you how to save money while you conserve energy.

Fujitsu General America: Military Makeover’s Official HVAC Partner

Our friends at Fujitsu General America have stepped in to create cooling solutions for the Clarke family. 

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Keeping Cool in the Carolinas: An HVAC Upgrade for the Pryor Family

Goodman Manufacturing is answering our call once again to provide a much-needed air conditioning upgrade.

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Upgrading the Insulation at the Dingee Home

Our makeovers are not all about aesthetics — we also want to make sure our veteran’s home is as comfortable and energy efficient as possible. That’s why we're happy to have the team at Koala Insulation here.

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Goodman Provides an HVAC System to Handle Hot Florida Summers

Our partners at Goodman Manufacturing have returned to supply our veteran with an upgraded HVAC system that will be sure to keep her cool and comfortable in the hot Florida summers.

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