Energy & Efficiency

Modern technology has made it easier than ever to maximize energy efficiency, one of the top priorities for homeowners everywhere. We’ll offer DIY tips and introduce innovative products and companies who show you how to save money while you conserve energy.

ABC Supply Plays a Major Role in the Marquez Makeover

We started demolition on day one, and the very next day, ABC Supply was on the scene.

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Portable Power for Our Veteran

It’s getting to the stage in the makeover where we need to get into clean-up mode to get the home looking pristine for the Marquez Family on reveal day.

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Goodman Provides New HVAC System for the Marquez Family

Longtime partner Goodman Manufacturing is installing a brand-new HVAC system for the Marquez family.

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The Marquez Home Goes Solar with POWERHOME

Stay tuned to see how easy the experts at POWERHOME make the transition to solar.

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