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American Airlines Helps Heroes Transitioning from Military Life into the Workplace

At American Airlines, you will find a group of professionals with experiences, backgrounds, and ideas as varied and unique as the places they fly.

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Schlumberger: Innovation and Determination to Empower Veterans

You stay calm under pressure, have great attention to detail, and you are prepared to work long hours to achieve your career and life goals. Sounds like you’re just who Schlumberger is looking for.

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Four Companies Hiring and Empowering Veterans

Welcome back to another episode of Military Makeover: Operation Career. We're taking a look at four companies dedicated to hiring — and empowering — veterans transitioning out of the military.

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Powering the Future with Consumers Energy

Consumers Energy is an ideal career destination for military members – past and present. They value the unique skills you bring to a company – skills that can be a springboard to a successful career.

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