From home theaters and wireless sound systems to the super-connected “smart” home, technology in the home is advancing at a lightning-fast pace. With endless options to control and automate the home, from security and climate to appliances and entertainment, Military Makeover's innovative partners have tech solutions that offer convenience and peace of mind.

MyComputerCareer Debuts Debbie’s Beautiful New Office

MyComputerCareer never lets us down! They're providing a beautiful new office space for Debbie, along with state-of-the-art computers and technology.

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MyComputerCareer Gives Debbi the Workspace She Deserves

MyComputerCareer is a major part of our makeovers! Now at the Hixon home, they're busy creating a brand-new office space for Debbie Hixon.

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Home Security for the Hixon Family with Protect Your Home

Protect Your Home is ready to assist in the Hixon makeover! They install dependable home security equipment in the homes of American families, including the Hixon residence.

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MyComputerCareer Builds a Home Office for Debbi Hixon

Debbie needs a new home office and a very serious tech upgrade! We have just the right team for that: MyComputerCareer.

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