From home theaters and wireless sound systems to the super-connected “smart” home, technology in the home is advancing at a lightning-fast pace. With endless options to control and automate the home, from security and climate to appliances and entertainment, Military Makeover's innovative partners have tech solutions that offer convenience and peace of mind.

MyComputerCareer Reveals the Marquez Family’s New Office Space

It’s reveal day, and Marcelino finally gets to see his brand-new office, transformed by the team at MyComputerCareer. It's now the perfect man cave and study space.

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Home Entertainment Solutions for Our Veteran Family

Stay tuned to see how our partners at DISH are transforming not just the home TV system for the family, but also the doorbell and other home features.

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CaptionCall Helps Marcelino Use the Phone with Confidence

Here on Military Makeover, we always try to take our veterans’ physical limitations into account. Marcelino, who has experienced hearing loss since his time in service, is a perfect fit for CaptionCall.

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MyComputerCareer Helps Their Own Student

The team at MyComputerCareer is back once again to help another deserving veteran — but this time, the veteran is one they know well.

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