Operation Career

Transitioning out of the military back to civilian life brings a variety of challenges. Military Makeover's Special Edition: “Operation Career” is traveling the country capturing stories of military veterans who are transitioning out of the military and back to civilian life. Join us as we profile the caring organizations offering educational and employment opportunities to these veterans to ensure a successful transition.

Employment Opportunities for Veterans Across the Country

Don't move! We're exploring four global companies with stellar employment opportunities for veterans. Stay tuned to learn more!

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Quest Diagnostics: Veterans Working to Improve Human Health

Veterans working for Quest Diagnostics allows employees to see the impact of their work in improving human health. Stay tuned to learn more.

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Innovative Companies Hiring Veterans in America

On the latest Military Makeover: Operation Career, check out four innovative companies dedicated to hiring veterans transitioning out of the military.

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California Water Service Group Hires and Empowers Vets

California Water Service Group invites veterans to pursue a career in the water industry with the third largest publicly traded water utility in the United States. Stay tuned to learn more.

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