Veterans—Get a Complete Home Makeover

Production company looking to improve a veteran’s home

Listen up! Producers of the award-winning home improvement show Military Makeover with Montel are gearing up to cast the next military family to be featured in the series hosted by decorated veteran Montel Williams.

Military Makeover will chronicle the room-by-room renovations of a home owned by a military veteran and their family.

The makeover MAY include

Kitchen upgrades

Furniture upgrades

New paint

New floors throughout the home

Landscape makeover

Overhaul of the inside of home

And a few more surprises!

The military family will have input on the style, look and feel of their renovated home. They will be working closely with the show’s designer(s) as well as vendors to choose everything to their liking.

Military candidates for the program must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Must have an honorable discharge (DD 214) or be an active armed forces member
  • Must have been deployed
  • Compliance of a full background check
  • Since Military Makeover airs nationally, consent to appear on the program gives us the right to use your submitted images and story in marketing campaigns
  • Must also be available for telephone consultation(s) and taping (few days max) prior to the actual week of taping, in order to coordinate accordingly. (The program will film “before” areas of the home, the back story of the veteran and family, etc.)
  • Must own (or mortgage) their home

We thank you for visiting our Military Makeover submission site. We have received an abundance of entries and we thank all Veterans and their families for their service & sacrifice – However at this time we are pausing for new submission entries until later next year.

Please feel free to revisit the site and check back periodically. Thank you again have a wonderful day.

We enlists decorators, designers, landscapers and others to transform the homes and lives of military families across the country. Help starts at home for veterans on Military Makeover.

Here are some of the deserving military families whom we have helped: