Welcome to Kansas City, home of Black & Veatch.

As the U.S. entry into World War I loomed, the government sought recommendations for engineering talent in the Midwest region. Although the firm was just two years old, the name of Black & Veatch repeatedly surfaced.

E.B. Black received a telegraph from the War Department requesting that the company supervise the construction of Camp Pike near Little Rock, Arkansas. Within 12 hours, Black was on the site of the camp and wired back to the company offices, “Send 75 engineers to assist on this project.” Soon after, Black was called to serve in the Army in Washington, D.C. Black & Veatch’s connection to the U.S. government has lasted until this day.

Black & Veatch’s mission is Building a World of Difference. It is a mission they hope you will find familiar from your service to our country and a mission you can continue by joining their team. Every day, all over the world, they serve others by delivering reliable solutions to complex challenges that improve lives, spark economic growth, strengthen public health and security, and change communities for the better.

Dedication, leadership, adaptability, and dependability are just a few of the skills that military men and women have that can lead their company and business into the future. That’s why they provide more than just a rewarding career.

They offer competitive salary and benefits packages, paid time off, career development programs, global work opportunities, and transition assistance programs. They believe their continued success depends on the diverse skills, experiences and backgrounds their professionals bring to the organization. Through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), they can provide an inclusive company culture and further empower you to learn, develop, and grow to your fullest potential.