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Brand-New Kitchen Appliances at the Daniels Home

With the kitchen renovations complete, it's time to install the brand-new appliances provided by the generous folks at Rent-A-Center.

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Brand-New Appliances for the Daniels Family

Our ever-reliable partners at Rent-A-Center are here to supply a line-up of brand-new appliances that will make the family's day-to-day lives so much easier.

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Brand-New Appliances for the Tabora Family

We couldn’t give the Tabora family home a brand-new makeover without providing them with beautiful, brand-new appliances to match. Thanks to Rent-A-Center for making it happen!

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Affordable Appliance Solutions for Today’s Family

Without the burden of high up-front sums or credit requirements, Rent-A-Center’s making sure that quality products are provided to families who need them — with free delivery right to the front door.

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