The Thomas Family

Jonathan Thomas enlisted in the Army National Guard back in 2001. He was eventually deployed to Iraq and found himself on active duty with the 101st Airborne, in the 506th Infantry Regiment. Jonathan felt a strong calling to protect his country and loved ones. He felt destined to serve alongside his brothers. This, however, would prove to take a very heavy toll. In 2008, after being deployed twice to Iraq and Afghanistan, Jonathan was blown out of a guard tower by a suicide bomber. As a result, he saved the lives of his entire unit by taking the full force of the blast. The incident, however, left Jonathan with a severe spinal injury and peripheral damage in his right eye. He received two Purple Hearts for his tremendous acts of valor and for the injuries he sustained. Jonathan was also awarded a Bronze Star for heroism and the lives he saved that day. Jonathan met his soon to be wife, Natasha and the two were married a few years later. They have four wonderful children together. In 2012, Jonathan became an instructor at Fort Benning, GA. It was during this time when he was diagnosed with cancer, subsequently ending his sixteen-year military career. This didn’t stop Jonathan as he fought the cancer, once again demonstrating his perseverance and bravery. Jonathan continues to move forward in life and still feels a calling to help others. In 2018, Jonathan and Natasha moved to South Carolina and are currently involved with several charities—including Bended Knee Outdoors, a charity that helps children with disabilities. With the loving support of Jonathan’s wife, Natasha, as well as their children, they continue to persevere and stay committed to each other. Jonathan actively attends VA meetings on a weekly basis and finds pleasure in watching his kids play together during neighborhood cookouts. To show our appreciation to all the heroic United States veterans, Military Makeover and its devoted partners look forward to providing the Thomas family with their dream home.

Military Makeover Style Guide: Thomas Family

Cozy textures? Cool tones creating feelings of tranquility? Check! Explore the Thomas Family Style Guide to get an insider’s look behind this rustic design—from the mind of our designer, Jennifer Bertrand!

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A Deep Clean to Get Reveal Day Ready!

Merry Maids are providing exceptional cleaning services to the home right before our big reveal.

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Keeping It Military Clean With Braun Shavers

With reveal day fast approaching, our hosts want to look their freshest and cleanest for the big moment. Enter Braun!

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The Big Reveal at the Thomas Home

The big reveal is here! The Military Makeover team is in South Carolina ready to debut the home of deserving veteran Jonathan Thomas and his family. Stay tuned!

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