Parke Family Home Makeover - Military Makeover on Lifetime TV

The Parke Family

Kevin Parke is a current Air Force serviceman who survived three separate IED explosions in Afghanistan, receiving two Purple Hearts for his service. Kevin, his wife wife Tiffany, and their five kids have outgrown their home in Crestview, Florida, prompting Military Makeover and its partners to come together to give the Parkes home they deserve.

The Big Reveal for the Parke Family Home Makeover

The Gunny, R. Lee Ermey, introduces the Parke family — Kevin, Tiffany and their five children — to their beautiful renovated home in Crestview, Florida, complete with surprises that bring on tears of joy. Tech Sergeant Kevin Parke, an explosives disposal expert, has seen some dangerous action in the Middle East.  Wounded veterans like Kevin […]

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The Parkes Get a Relaxing Massage

Kevin and Tiffany Parke could use a relaxing, therapeutic massage to alleviate pain and stress from raising their five children -- enter Massage Envy.

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CORT Furnishes the Parkes’ Entire Home

CORT Furniture designed a grand furniture plan for the Parke family in the Tampa, Florida area.

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A Company That Helps Move and Store Items for Parke Makeover

Andy Kroll, General Manager of North American Van Lines, joins Art to explain the work his company did for the Parke Family.

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