The Ziegler Family

Childhood sweethearts, Justin and Kristie Ziegler, first met in 8th grade in South Florida. Fast forward to the 10th grade, Justin joined the same cheerleading team Kristie was already a part of, they ended up spending hours and hours training together. The team’s coach noticed the chemistry and encouraged them to go on a date together. The couple have been together ever since – supporting one another through each of their hardships and challenges, and even decided to join the Air Force together. Justin and Kristie married just before Kristie left for basic training in 2003. They were stationed together at Travis Air Force Base in California. Staff Sergeant Justin Ziegler was assigned to the 60th CES Wing as a Fire Protection Technician. He was soon deployed to Afghanistan to support “Operation Enduring Freedom." Justin was immediately responsible for the safety of over 2000 troops, as well as over $750-million worth of Aircraft. Justin’s duties as a Lead EMT and Crew Chief within the fire department, whether on deployment or at Travis Air Force Base, involved being a 1st Responder to medical emergencies which often resulted in encountering traumatic and stressful events; from car accidents and cardiac arrests, to shootings, house fires and wildland fires. Being a first responder to all medical emergencies, including suicides of fellow troop members, took a heavy toll on Justin and opened his eyes to the crippling levels of stress, trauma and PTSD that military service members experience. Senior Airman Kristie Ziegler quickly emerged as a rising star and natural leader after completing her formal training as a Dietary Technician, and was awarded Airman of the year in 2006 for her dedicated service. When Kristie deployed to Bagram Air Force base in Afghanistan her role would change dramatically, providing treatment to soldiers wounded in battle, as well as local civilians who had been wounded or hurt. One of the hardest and most heartbreaking struggles of her career was treating young children who had been injured in bombings; witnessing sights no human on this planet should ever be forced to endure. Life as a young married couple together in the military was challenging for Justin and Kristie, with deployments separating them from one another for long periods, and both witnessing many tragic events and loss of life. While they still struggle with PTSD, the support and love they give one another has provided the foundation for a loving home for their two children and pets. For our landmark 30th Military Makeover, and with the support of our devoted partners, we cannot wait to provide a “forever home” for two heroic and deserving military veterans!

Military Makeover Style Guide: Ziegler Family

Did you love the elements featured in the Ziegler home? Click through the latest style guide to get all the looks and feels of this wonderful season in your home as assembled by our designer, Jennifer Bertrand!

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The Big Reveal at the Ziegler Home

The Big Reveal is here! Stay tuned as the Military Makeover team debuts the unbelievable transformation at the home of deserving veterans Justin and Kristie Ziegler in Jupiter, Florida.

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Check Out the Finest Furniture for Our Family

Check out how the gorgeous furniture from Coaster Fine Furniture will be perfect for the family’s home. You don’t want to miss this!

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Providing Benefits and Services to Military Members

With the Big Reveal upon us, we want to make the Ziegler home ready to live in — and our friends at the Defense Commissary are kindly stocking up their cupboards and refrigerator with essential groceries and household items. Many veterans and active duty service members are unaware that they are exclusively eligible for vital […]

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