As most of us know, the American flag is a representation of freedom, independence, and liberty. This week, beginning June 9th, the flag is celebrated and admired in all its glory under the nationally recognized Flag Week and Flag Day (Friday, June 14th). 

History of the Flag 

The American Flag was created in 1777 and boasts 13 stars and 13 stripes. Who designed the flag, though, is up for debate. Although Betsy Ross is commonly recognized as the flag’s designer, some historians believe Francis Hopkinson to be responsible for its creation. Regardless, the establishment of the American flag was a monumental development for the unification of America.  

The flag which originally depicted 13 stars and stripes, was a representation of the 13 colonies that made up the nation at the time. As the country evolved, so did the flag. Today, our flag portrays 50 stars – 1 for each state and pays homage to our colonial origins with its 13 original stripes. The current version of the flag was developed in 1960 and it has become a symbol of empowerment, pride, and equality for the American people. 

President Joe Biden’s Proclamation  

June 14th has been designated National Flag Day since 1949, with Congress requesting that the President issue a Proclamation of the holiday annually. This year on June 7th, President Joe Biden gave his proclamation of observance to both Flag Day and National Flag Week stating, “I direct the appropriate officials to display the flag on all Federal Government buildings during this week, and I urge all Americans to observe Flag Day and National Flag Week by displaying the flag and honoring all of our brave service members.” As a result of this proclamation, all Federal Government building officials have been directed to display the flag this week, and all Americans are encouraged to do the same. 

How to Celebrate Flag Week

Now that you know all about the background, here are some ways you can observe the holiday: 

  • Raise the flag at your own home or place of work. 
  • Take the time to do your own research about the flag. Try watching a historical documentary. 
  • Spread the word about National Flag Week to your friends and family. 
  • Encourage your local schools, restaurants, and stores to display their flags.  
  • Honor and pay your respects to the veterans in your life.