We’re back with an all-new season of Military Makeover! Join us as we travel to Panama City Beach, Florida to give back to an incredibly deserving Gold Star widow whose home was destroyed by Hurricane Michael.

Before anything else, learn about this season’s new family: The Patrons.

On August 6, 2011, Cody Patron’s world came crashing down. She received word that after serving more than a decade in the Marine Corps, her husband, Sergeant Daniel J. Patron, was killed in Sangin Valley, Afghanistan. Tragedy struck again in October 2018 when the Patron home was destroyed by the catastrophic Hurricane Michael, which made landfall as an unprecedented Category 4 and destroyed much of the Florida Panhandle region.

After sustaining devastating water and wind damage, Cody’s home in Panama City Beach is barely livable. With bare concrete floors, hanging ceiling debris, and a torn roof, the home is in desperate need of some tender loving care.

The first step in helping Cody and her daughter, Layla, start anew is giving the family home the renovation it so desperately needs. That’s why Military Makeover and its compassionate team of volunteers, partners, and supporters are hard at work to transform their home into a place of healing and happiness. Plus, this season, our team was privileged to connect with the EOD Warrior Foundation to help with the renovations.

First, JDog Junk Removal & Hauling is back! We have a remarkable partner in our friends from veteran-owned JDog, which is why they’re back to help kick off the Patron family makeover.

Plus, Military Makeover’s Art Edmonds is heading to Orlando to check out Carvana. That’s because they’re upgrading Cody’s everyday life with a huge gift – a car!