Debbi needs a new home office and a very serious tech upgrade! We have just the right team for that: Military Makeover stalwarts MyComputerCareer.

They’re building a custom office for Debbi, which will also double as her campaign headquarters as she runs for a seat on the Broward County School Board. MyComputerCareer is thrilled to be able to offer Debbi her own space so she can get things done. From technology to cool furniture, the company is undertaking a total transformation of Debbi’s space.

Bruce Ackerman and Jenny Nichols from MyComputerCareer are at the Hixon home, ready to get this office makeover started! They’re dedicated to creating her dream office space and campaign headquarters.

As usual, the MyComputerCareer team isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. With Bruce and Jenny leading the charge, they’re handling the entire room build out, from painting to organizing.

In addition, did you know about MyComputerCareer’s information technology program? It improves the lives of all students, including veterans. By signing up for MyComputerCareer, you can start your new life as an I.T. pro in as little as four months.