SoCalGas hires military veterans. In fact, they’re a proud supporter of the veteran community.

They are committed to hiring and retaining military veterans, veterans with disabilities, and active military personnel. So, through a variety of resources and career guidance, they support employees when they return after active duty.

Through SoCalGas’ Troops to Energy Jobs, veterans can take advantage of a clear pathway to landing a job in the energy sector.

Troops to Energy Jobs gives veterans a guided step-by-step roadmap to transfer their military training to a new energy job. The interactive tool helps identify any additional education and credentials needed. Next, it provides resources to get that additional training. Then, veterans can locate and apply for jobs based on positions that best match their military experience and desired location.

This internal program is dedicated to supporting military service members and veterans, both within the company and in the communities we serve.

Stay tuned to learn why SoCalGas hires military veterans.