The team from MyComputerCareer is back with some technical magic! And, because Cody is one of their star online students, they’ve brought him some big surprises.

First, the tech! Jen Bertrand’s vision for the Willet family office is a mix of rustic and modern. That’s why a framed television is the perfect addition!

When the TV is in use, the family will enjoy all the features of a smart television system. However, when the TV is not in use, it will disguise itself as a wood-accented mirror. Our Contractor Ryan Stanley is working with the incredible Magic Mirror technology to achieve this effect.

To make it happen, the team from MyComputerCareer is creating a custom frame for the television using 200-year-old hickory wood. We can’t wait to see the finished product.

“When the television isn’t being used, it looks just like a mirror,” said Bruce Ackerman of MyComputerCareer. “We’re actually framing it with this 200-year-old hickory wood. It’s going to be absolutely amazing.”

MyComputerCareer’s Jenny Nichols, a regular contributor to Military Makeover, lets designer Jen know exactly how the process will work.

Stay tuned to witness it for yourself! Trust us, it’s as cool as it sounds!