7 Veteran-Owned Companies You Need to Shop From ASAP

Did you know that approximately six percent of businesses in the United States are veteran-owned? According to 405 Business, these businesses are also the employers of almost four million people. 

Even if you don’t work for one of these companies, you can still support the veterans behind them by shopping at the following seven companies: 

Combat Flip Flops  


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After serving multiple tours in Afghanistan, Mathew Griffin and Donald Lee created Combat Flip Flops. The company not only produces high-quality footwear, but apparel and accessories for both men and women as well. Additionally, the profits from each sale support a day of school for a girl in Afghanistan.  

Grizzly Cookware 

This company, both veteran-owned and women-led, produces nickel-coated cast iron cookware. The technology behind the nickel that coats the cast iron allows their cookware products to be cleaned more easily and chip less. All products from Grizzly Cookware are 100 percent manufactured in the United States.  

K9 Salute 

Oftentimes, people forget that dogs bravely serve in fatal military operations. K9 Salute and its veteran founder embrace the role that our furry friends perform in combat by creating all-natural dog treats. Profits from these treats are given to K9 units (both military and police) to cover the cost of supplies, such as protective vests for the dogs.  

Bottle Breacher 


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Humbly started in a garage, Bottle Breacher came to life by a former Navy Seal and his wife. The company, as hinted in the name, specializes in brass bottle openers that are composed of recycled .50 caliber ammo that is no longer in commission. In addition, veterans make bottle openers by hand, and part of the proceeds are given to military nonprofits. 

True Made Foods 


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Abe Kamarck, a Seahawk helicopter pilot in the Navy, founded True Made Foods. His company produces ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, and hot sauce that are sugar-free and reap the natural flavor of fruits and vegetables instead. Recipients of the Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Food Companies” award in 2021, True Made Foods has all your condiment needs covered. 

Teak and Twine 


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If you’re looking for customizable gift boxes, look no further. Teak and Twine, founded by Air Force veteran Torrance Hart, has been used by thousands of companies including The New York Times, Bank of America, ESPN, and more. The company offers an array of gift options such as custom-branded swag boxes, knitting/fulfillment services, corporate gifting, and ready-to-ship boxes. 

Mission BBQ 


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While this is technically an exception to the veteran-owned theme, Mission BBQ’s impact on veterans is unmatched and therefore deserves a spot on our list. Not only does the restaurant serve “authentic BBQ made from the freshest, most delectable ingredients,” but they also do a “daily salute to the Stars and Stripe” during lunchtime. 

Whether you’re in need of footwear/apparel, cookware, dog treats, bottle openers, condiments/sauces, curated gift boxes, or a fresh BBQ dinner, the seven companies above are all tied to the veterans who have proudly served our country. 

What’s your favorite veteran-owned company? Let us know by reaching out on one of our social media platforms.