Our makeovers run on an extremely tight schedule. So, no matter how much planning we do to ensure we stay on track, there’s one thing we can’t stop: unfavorable weather. That’s why we’re eliciting help from the weather pros at AccuWeather.

Bad weather has the power to derail our timeline for outside construction. Storms or strong winds may even force our crew to stop renovations completely. Since the weather in North Carolina changes minute by minute, we need a way to constantly monitor the forecast.

Luckily, we’ve been equipped with the AccuWeather app, which provides the industry’s most accurate forecasts. In addition, their MinuteCast forecast feature tracks precipitation chances a few hours ahead, broken down minute by minute with precise start and stop times. That means if there’s a quick turn in the weather, we’ll know about it.

Keeping an eye on the AccuWeather app means Ryan can confidently plan our outdoor construction efficiently down to the minute – making sure we stay on schedule!

Stay tuned as we learn more with AccuWeather’s Vincent Craig McDonald.