Our partner Park West Gallery, gave the Phinizys a dream gift, or maybe it was destiny! The Phinizys love art: abstract art, fun colorful paintings, ceramics, pottery and lava lamps. Actually, Billy loves to paint too, which is tremendously therapeutic.

Park West Gallery donated certified, limited edition prints and an original painting done by one of today’s most popular contemporary artists, Tim Yanke; limited edition prints by the 20th century phenom Peter Max; a limited edition print by renowned magazine illustrator Norman Rockwell; a signed print by the 21st century’s most prolific pop artist Brazilian, Romero Britto; and Tim Yanke, famed for his Yankee Doodle, American Flag homage series, offered and delivered a new, original Yankee Doodle for the Phinizys. Fantastic. Pursuing their mission to make art collecting entertaining and accessible for everyone, Park West Gallery has demonstrated that inspiration and creative thinking are behind the value proposition of owning fine art.