We’re joining Art and Jen at Logan’s Roadhouse in North Carolina for a delicious meal before the makeover officially begins.

So, stay tuned as this dynamic duo discusses why the Luke Harvey and Natasha Woodruff family makeover is one of the most extraordinary in the show’s history. In addition, get a glimpse of Luke’s adorable monkey!

As Art and Jen enjoy all that Logan’s Roadhouse has to offer, they also watch a snippet of Luke and Natasha’s Military Makeover video application, where the couple explains why a makeover would drastically transform their lives and the lives of their three children. Both Natasha and Luke were medically retired from the military after undergoing traumatic experiences while serving. They could really use the peace of mind that a full home makeover provides.

Next, back to the food! Every bite at Logan’s is designed to sing a song to your taste buds. Furthermore, every meal is delivered with renowned southern hospitality. Art and Jen are getting it all, from wood-grilled steaks and made-from-scratch recipes to the restaurant’s signature roadhouse experience.

Founded in 1991 in Lexington, Kentucky, Logan’s is a chain of restaurants based in Nashville, Tennessee. There are over 190 company-operated locations and 25 franchised outposts throughout 23 states.

Logan’s Roadhouse, thank you for the warm welcome to North Carolina!