Just over 30 miles southeast of Lincolnton, Charlotte is where our friends at Caesarstone are headquartered. When their team heard Luke and Natasha were a short drive away, they knew they had to get involved on this incredible makeover.

A core belief at Caesarstone is to honor and support our nation’s veterans. So now, their team is hard at work at the Harvey/Woodruff home, installing sleek new countertops in the kitchen and creating an outdoor workstation for Natasha. The company is supplying Black Tempal and Clearskies Quartz to make these project come to life.

Caesarstone’s Black Tempal will be used in the kitchen, combining beauty with outstanding performance. Then, their stunning Clearskies Quartz will be incorporated outside for Natasha’s forthcoming workstation, offering the latest technology in durability.

Don’t move! Stay tuned as we get a sneak peek at both projects.