When we do a Military Makeover to improve the home of a veteran and his family, just as importantly we work to make it more beautiful to lift their spirits. As we improved and beautified the LoBrutto home, our partner Kreg Tools left Adam a gift he’ll enjoy for a long time and that he can use to continue making home improvements. That gift was woodworking tools from Kreg Tools.

With more than 25 years of experience in creating tools for DIYers and woodworkers, Kreg knows people truly enjoy the feeling of success when they’ve created something for their home with their own hands. In addition to tools they also provide educational resources, project plans and more to ensure DIY success.

Kreg is committed to helping people create confidence and achieve satisfaction by showing them they can build attractive, functional projects that are built to last. Adam will enjoy years of pleasure using his new tools, tools that were used as part of our Military Makeover.