We’re rolling down the tracks of the Canadian Pacific Railway in Chicago. As one of North America’s major freight railways, Canadian Pacific (CP) connects the U.S. to Canada and across the world.

Serving 26 years in the rail industry, President and CEO Keith Creel’s devotion and leadership remain stronger than ever. As a U.S. veteran, Creel is committed to hiring former vets. In 2018, the company has already hired more than 100.

In order to set veterans up for success, CP offers a custom-designed Veteran Management Trainee program, where participants learn and practice the critical skills needed to be placed in a front-line management position. Plus, CP offers a mentorship program and a veterans social club.

Stay tuned to meet some of the company’s military vets, who discuss the hardships they faced post-service and how it feels to be employed by CP. Like trains, veterans are built to take on any obstacle. That’s why CP offers an environment where veterans will thrive.