We’re in Casselberry, Florida, visiting the headquarters of Freedom Learning Group, an industry leader in providing full-service e-learning and educational content.

Freedom Learning Group (FLG) was founded on the unprecedented mission to provide career opportunities to underemployed military spouses, veterans, and their family members, empowering them to sustain relevance in their respective fields no matter where they are – on U.S. soil and beyond.

We’re sitting down with founders Nathan and Stacey Ecelbarger as well as employee Lindsey Sorensen. They’re sharing how FLG offers long-term employment that allows military spouses to work from anywhere in the world. Plus, they’re also revealing the inspiration behind launching FLG and how the company has helped countless families since.

FLG recently celebrated its 100th military spouse or veteran hire, and they’re committed to 1,000 hires by 2021. You don’t want to miss this!