On this episode of Military Makeover: Operation Career, discover four companies helping veterans transition back into civilian life with exciting career opportunities.

First up, we’re traveling to Atlanta, Ga. to visit one of the 1,600 Chili’s restaurants around North America. Did you know that Chili’s hires anywhere from 275 to 350 veterans each quarter to lead and work in their restaurants? Meet two veterans, who have transitioned into various leadership roles at Chili’s after serving their country.

It’s no secret that the hardest thing for many veterans is transitioning from the military into civilian life. That’s why retired lieutenant colonel David Karasz took matters in his own hands. Ready Capital, a non-bank real estate and small business lender, helped David turn an idea into a career.

Then, we’re off to Lincoln, Nebraska, to speak with Andrew Strasburg, a U.S. veteran who now works with the Nebraska Department of Labor.

Before we go, we’re learning about Trumpf, a leader in manufacturing solutions. As one of the nation’s largest companies, Trumpf is committed to recruiting veterans.