In the recent season of Military Makeover, where the Carmody Family was featured, the spotlight turned to GE Aerospace for a few instances, showcasing its exceptional contributions to military technology and its unwavering support for veterans. As Military Makeover celebrates its 35th season, GE Aerospace stepped in as the title sponsor of this transformative show and demonstrated its commitment not only to advancing military innovation but also to giving back to the community. 

Located in Lynn, Massachusetts, this GE Aerospace site is steeped in history, dating back to World War II when the company produced the very first jet engine in the United States. Today, this facility continues to play a pivotal role in national defense, producing military content for helicopters, advanced fighter jets, and even navy surface ships. With a sprawling one-million-square-foot facility and a dedicated workforce of 2,500 people, the Lynn GE Aerospace site is a cornerstone of American military technology. 

Military Makeover's co-host, Art Edmonds, speaks to Amy Gowder, the CEO and President of Defense and Systems at GE Aerospace.

Military Makeover’s co-host, Art Edmonds, speaks to Amy Gowder, the CEO and President of Defense and Systems at GE Aerospace. 

Amy Gowder, CEO and President of Defense and Systems at GE Aerospace, welcomed Art Edmonds from Military Makeover to the facility. As she was speaking with Art, she emphasized the company’s purpose, stating, “Our mission here at GE Aerospace is to invent the future of flight. We lift people up, and we bring them home safely.” This mission is underpinned by a deep understanding of the challenges veterans face, both on deployment and when they return home.  

The company’s dedication to uplifting our national heroes was definitely exemplified during the latest Military Makeover episode. The Carmody family lives and breathes the military lifestyle, so they were beyond the moon to welcome GE Aerospace for their special makeover. 

GE Aerospace did more than just provide financial support. The company sent an army of volunteers, proudly sporting the GE Aerospace logo, to get their hands dirty and boots on the ground during the latest season of Military Makeover 

Their commitment to giving back is deeply ingrained in the company culture. In fact, GE Aerospace tracks thousands of volunteer hours annually, reflecting its dedication to the communities in which its employees work and live. 

How GE Aerospace Shows Up for Veterans

GE Aerospace is an active participant in various community service events through the GE Veteran’s Network (GEVN). This international employee resource group spans multiple countries with more than 30 sites across the globe. Its mission is to help veterans and their families get hired into GE, support their career growth within the company, and continue contributing to their communities. 

GEVN’s three pillars – HIRE, GROW, and SUPPORT – embody these goals. The organization assists in recruiting quality military members, offers support for veterans’ career growth, and coordinates and sponsors veteran-related community service events around the country. Folds of Honor and the Green Beret Foundation are two of the many organizations that the GEVN sponsors.  

GE Veteran’s Network is Serious About Their Mission

Truly, the Carmody family is only one of the many examples where GE Aerospace shows up for U.S. veterans. Its passion for giving back to the military is present in a few unique programs. 

Meet the Carmody family.

Meet the Carmody family.

GE Aerospace is a Department of Defense Skillbridge certified employer. The Skillbridge program enables transitioning military personnel to gain civilian work experience at companies for up to 180 days leading into their separation from active duty. Since GE Aerospace became a certified Skillbridge employer, over 80% of the participants placed as interns at GE Aerospace through the Skillbridge program have placed in full time roles there. GE Aerospace currently has 27 Skillbridge interns.   

In addition, the company actively participates in the GE Troop Care Package Drive. This annual drive delivers care packages to deployed GE employees, their family members, and friends serving around the world. GE employees can donate easily through Amazon and Kroger websites, volunteer to pack and label the boxes for shipment, or promote it to support those on deployment. 

There is no denying that GE Aerospace is committed to lifting up our military and veteran communities.  

GE Aerospace’s unwavering commitment to military innovation and veterans’ welfare shines brightly. As the title sponsor of Military Makeover, the company not only showcases cutting-edge technology but also exemplifies the true spirit of giving back to those who have served our country.