As the Military Makeover team readies the Middleton home for the big reveal, Montel and Holly are at the Florida Botanical Gardens, where they’re talking about Holly’s foundation, Scarlett’s Sunshine – and she’s in for a very special surprise!

This past July, the Middletons’ five-year-old daughter Scarlett died unexpectedly from an undiagnosed illness. The shock and trauma of Scarlett’s passing has shaken the family to its core.

The family’s little ray of light, Scarlett loved to sing “You Are My Sunshine.” Through pain and inspiration, Holly promised to keep alive the joy Scarlett brought to everybody who knew her. The grieving mother created a charity called “Scarlett’s Sunshine” to use random acts of kindness to induce spontaneous smiles. Since Scarlett loved flowers, Holly plans on handing out as many flowers to strangers as humanly possible.

The Bouqs Company is generously donating a one-year supply of flowers to Scarlett’s Sunshine, relieving Holly of the need to fundraise to support her heartfelt acts of kindness. You don’t want to miss this!