Veterans are some of Ford Motor Company’s strongest employees. Learn more about the men and women who have served their country and also found great careers at Ford.

Ford Motor Company has a proud history of supporting the military. In 1919, Henry Ford began to hire disabled veterans returning from World War I. This philosophy of inclusion made the company one of the first to hire people with disabilities.

Then, During World War II, Ford Motor Company shut down civilian vehicle production to dedicate all of its resources to Allied war efforts. Next, after the war, Henry Ford’s grandson, Henry Ford II, made a practice of integrating returning veterans into the workplace. That’s still a vital priority at Ford today.

Nowadays, Ford Motor Company continues to support our military. Here, veterans have the opportunity to bring their unique skills to such varied automotive industry sectors as information technology, product development, marketing, and more.

So, veterans can develop their career aspirations at Ford, where all employees are included, respected, and appreciated. Stay tuned to learn more about careers at Ford.