JDog Junk Removal & Hauling at the Wojcik Makeover


Over the years, Military Makeover with Montel® has worked with many veteran-friendly businesses who have selflessly served the Makeover team’s mission.

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling, a veteran-owned business, stands out as a particularly valuable partner of the series. JDog has repeatedly heeded the call to serve, clearing the clutter for five deserving military families.



Jdog employee helping out The Wojcik Family home makeover at the work

Much More Than a Junk Hauler

But JDog does much more than just removing and hauling junk for our military families. They go out of their way to become vital members of the Military Makeover family. From donating a high-end Martin acoustic guitar to music lover and Air Force vet Cody Willet to joining the film crew for dinner after exhausting days of filming, JDog has gone above and beyond its duties as a construction team partner. Dedicated to serving their military brothers and sisters, JDog is often the first to show up on set and the last to leave.

U.S. Army veteran Jerry Flanagan founded JDog in Pennsylvania in 2011 as a one-man operation. He  hauled junk in his old Jeep and named the company “JDog” after his nickname in the military.  JDog has since expanded to 180 franchises in 30 states from coast to coast, grossing millions in revenues through its junk removal and hauling services for residential and commercial customers.

From the company’s infancy, Jerry wanted to hire veterans to work with him. The JDog brand is a veteran-owned business founded on the principles of respect, integrity and trust. JDog has always supported veterans by offering them job opportunities.


Veterans Helping Veterans, Building Connections

Many “JDoggers” (as JDog employees are called) deal with their own struggles after leaving the military. These vets draw inspiration from our Makeover veterans sharing their stories on national television. Wisconsin JDoggers Andy and Eileen Weins forged a friendship with recipients Steven and Terri Wojcik. The four of them even attended a Green Bay Packers game together.

JDog also offers discounts to U.S. military and their families when they request an estimate or schedule a job. The company proudly partners with Veterans Advantage® – the #1 most trusted community for new military discounts.


Jdog Junk removal hard at work at the wojcik family home makeover


Those eligible to enroll include anyone have served in any branch of service—during both wartime and peacetime. “Next of kin” family members—including spouse, mother, father, child of a veteran or serviceperson—may enroll and receive benefits as well.

JDog sends a uniformed team of dedicated workers to provide transparent pricing, remove items, and tidy up afterward. Clients don’t have to lift a finger. Plus, JDog is committed to environmental responsibility. The company serves the community by donating or recycling 60 to 80 percent of what they haul. You always know your items are being handled responsibly and are often given to a family in need.



The entire Military Makeover family feels immense gratitude for the enormous contributions offered by JDog. We could not fulfill our mission without their selfless service.