On this episode of Military Makeover: Operation Career, we’re bringing you three remarkable stories about veterans who have transitioned into the civilian workforce to take on new and exciting job opportunities.

We’re traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah to speak with Gary Harter, the executive director of the Utah Department of Veteran and Military Affairs (UDVMA). Stay tuned as he reveals why this western state is a perfect place for veterans and their families to call home.

For transitioning veterans looking to build on the knowledge they gained in the military, Terex Corporation could be the perfect fit. Stay tuned as we meet with Terex’s Butch Beach, a mobile field service technician who spent years in the U.S. Air Force.

Veterans looking for their next career move should consider the Florida Highway Patrol. It’s a job that comes with pride, leadership, and a little taste of excitement–and that’s why it may be perfect for a transitioning veteran.