Choosing furniture that the whole family will love is no easy feat! That’s why we’re turning to the pros at Lovesac.

They’re donating Sactionals, which provide all-around comfort and peace of mind that other couches can’t. Because they can adapt to most spaces and styles, and can forever look like new, Sactionals are a smart investment.

It all starts with Lovesac’s 2 proprietary pieces: The Seat + The Side. Buy a bunch of Seats. Buy a bunch of Sides. Arrange and rearrange forever. Sactionals adapt to your life and can be the last couch you’ll ever have to buy.

Plus, when they say guaranteed for life, they mean it. Every Sactionals piece is hand-built to last a lifetime and their hand-sewn covers are replaceable, just in case. Their machine washable fabrics are specially chosen to resist damage, even after multiple washes. Sactionals are the ultimate up-for-anything couch designed for everyday life.