Listen Up! Military Makeover with Host R. Lee Ermey , “The Gunny” was recently featured on various TV, radio and newspaper outlets.

WPTV West Palm Beach
WPTV Channel 5: “Home renovations are on the horizon for injured veteran and Purple Heart recipient 1st Lt. Robert Keefe Jr. in Okeechobee…” (to read more click here)




WOKC - Okeechobee's True Country

WOKC radio:  Click here to watch “The Gunny’s” interview with Charles Murphy



Okeechobee News

Okeechobee News article 3/20/15: “One fortuitous Marine, recipient of a Purple Heart, will receive a home renovation from Designing Spaces…” (to read more click here)

Okeechobee News article 3/30/15: “The Marine Corps retired me in 1971, and I just kept showing up for work, said R. Lee Ermey…” (to read more click here)