On this episode of Military Makeover, meet the Harrison family from Kansas City, Missouri. Army sergeant Casey Harrison is a loving husband and devoted father who put his life on the line to protect our country.

An unsung hero of the war in Iraq, Casey was the driver of the lead vehicle of his unit’s convoy team, which was assigned to identify enemy bombs. His duty put him in a direct line of fire against enemy combatants. On many occasions, he found himself under attack.

Through repeated close proximity explosions and powerful shockwave impacts, the resulting head injuries have left Casey with a permanent ringing in his ears. He requires the use of special hearing devices to help him drown out the relentless noise. Like many veterans, Casey also suffers from severe anxiety as a symptom of his PTSD—to the point where he cannot answer his cell phone if he doesn’t recognize the number.

With the love of a few close friends and family, Casey and his family are doing the best they can to make things work.

Military Makeover is here to help pay it back to Casey and his family with a complete renovation of their home in Independence, Mo., a suburb outside of Kansas City.

First up, Mission Solar will revolutionize the Harrison home with a complete solar-powered energy system–a first on Military Makeover!

That’s why Eaton Corporation donates a brand-new, state-of-the-art electrical panel, which is strong enough to support the Harrisons’ new solar power energy system.

Then, the Harrisons get a fresh look with calm and cool paint colors provided by Behr, one of the country’s leading suppliers of paint products.