In 2017, TRICARE provided healthcare coverage to nearly 9.4 million people around the world, playing a huge role in the military health system.

As the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP) comes to an end at the close of 2018, thousands of active and retired military are in the midst of searching for the right dental and vision plans to suit their needs.

Join us as we travel across the country to meet a few of the two million active and retired military families eligible for FEDVIP.

Aetna, a leading American health insurance company, offers a slate of exclusive benefits through FEDVIP for active and retired military. From nationwide coverage to eye-opening savings, Aetna’s dental and vision plans include reasonable rates, thousands of in-network providers (including more than 97,000 just for vision), and worldwide dental coverage.

In addition, Aetna’s plans offer flexibility and convenience, from night and weekend appointments to online eyewear shopping and discounts on gym memberships, massages, weight-loss programs, and more.