The day of the big reveal has arrived: Injured veteran Thomas Travis and his family are finally able to move into the renovated home that was so generously donated by military widow Tinky Stuart. Join host R. Lee Ermey, aka The Gunny, and the Military Makeover crew in the city of Eustis, Florida, as we welcome them to their new neighborhood.

Four companies came out to help with the big reveal: Omaha Steaks came out to cook up some delicious steaks and other gourmet items for the Travis family to enjoy, in addition to stocking the Travises’ fridge and freezer with Omaha Steaks. Wusthoff added a 30-piece knife set to the Travis’ kitchen to help them enjoy their new Omaha Steaks, and World Kitchen gave the family two new dinnerware sets including serving dishes for the family to enjoy for every day and special occasions. Finally, iRULU made life easier with a variety of products such as a PC/tablet hybrid, smartphones, and tablets for the whole family.