Joining us for the second time, MyComputerCareer has brought a big crew—including students, graduates and employees—to help move the Cornelius makeover along. The company’s contributions to the Ewing family makeover were monumental, so we’re excited to have them back.

Change to MycomputerCareer is a computer training and certification school that helps those interested in embarking on a new career in I.T. and computer science.

“Our program was originally designed for career changers,” said MyComputerCareer Founder and CEO Tony Galati. “Veterans are the ultimate career changers, particularly those who are right in the middle of a transition out of the military.”

Interior designer Jennifer Bertrand has the MyComputerCareer team setting up furniture and painting rooms with Behr paint equipment provided by The Home Depot. MyComputerCareer’s volunteers even include carpenters to help build furniture for Aaron’s DJ/office space.

Each time MyComputerCareer comes to a makeover, they try to create a special room that’s unique for the veteran. The makeover into Aaron’s DJ/office space is no exception.

“We’re taking the space using his passion for music, his passion for audiobooks, and his passion for DJing,” said Jenny Nichols of MyComputerCareer.

Courtesy of MyComputerCareer, the space includes a built-from-scratch computer, along with stylish decor and furnishings to help enhance Aaron’s DJ career.

Of all the rooms inside the Cornelius home, this one is most important! Aaron, who spends some of his time as a DJ, will receive a part music room, part home office to share with his wife, Melissa.

To round out their enormous contribution to the Cornelius makeover, the company donates a full scholarship to any one member of the Cornelius family.