Military Makeover stalwarts MyComputerCareer is back to work their magic on another fabulous makeover. This time, they’re transitioning from painting to embarking on a super high-tech transformation of the Moyerses’ basement.

“Really, we want to serve those who have served our country,” said MyComputerCareer Founder and CEO Tony Galati. “And Matt has done that above and beyond.”

To that end, MyComputerCareer is installing new technology into the Moyers family home. The company is creating a state-of-the-art media room out of a run-of-the-mill basement. Because Matt loves doing computer graphics and wood burnings, the goal is to enhance his experiences with these hobbies.

The team from MyComputerCareer is ramping up the family’s technology, bringing in computers, installing smart outlets, and hooking up a host of other high-tech features.

Stay tuned as MyComputerCareer tells us about an education in the Information Technology field aimed to improve the lives of veterans and other people alike! By enrolling in MyComputerCareer, you can start your new life as an I.T. pro in as little as four months.

“Military veterans are the ideal career changers,” Galati said. “They need something to help them make that transition to a new career in the civilian world. That’s what MyComputerCareer is all about — helping people make that transition from wherever they’ve been to where they want to be in the computer industry.”