Welcome back, MyComputerCareer! They’re ready to assist in the Harvey/Woodruff makeover by supplying an updated workstation and all-new tech equipment for the family.

However, they’re not stopping there. With Natasha’s background in I.T. and desire to go back to school, MyComputerCareer is giving her an exclusive on-site tour with founder/CEO, Tony Galati.

“In order to have a great career in the I.T. industry, our students need certifications,” Galati explains. “While you’re here, you’ll be gaining certifications. Every time you pass an exam, you’ll ring a bell, which lets everyone on campus know that a student just had success.”

“Our real focus here is changing lives,” he adds.

In addition, Galati and the MyComputerCareer step in to provide the biggest surprise of the season: a full tuition scholarship for Natasha to help continue her career in I.T.

“Going to school here won’t cost you anything,” he says. “Instead, we’re going to make sure all of your expenses are covered.”

MyComputerCareer is a leader in information technology education. Their innovative programs are aimed to improve the lives of veterans and anyone else who enrolls. Furthermore, you can start your new life as an I.T. pro in as little as four months by signing up for MyComputerCareer.