Finding a career path after serving in the military may lead to a roadblock. PAM Transport opens the road by providing opportunities to former service members.

PAM Transportation Services, Inc. began its journey in 1980 with five trucks. Today, the company has over 2,500 trucks on the road moving freight for the manufacturing, retail, and automotive industries.

For veterans like Jeremiah King, the thought of leaving home is tough, especially with a wife and children. That’s why PAM Transport gives truck drivers the chance to come home once a week. Jeremiah can enjoy the feeling of being out on “deployment” but with frequent trips back to his loved ones.

Similar to King, PAM knows military service members have the talent, discipline, and motivation to ensure the company lives up to expectations. That’s why PAM is proud to work with servicemen–and women to facilitate a career transition into the truck driving industry. Stay tuned to hear how you can get involved.