When you have a family to care for, your concerns grow as your family grows; those concerns can stretch far into the future. It’s necessary to plan for that future in order to protect the ones you love. The key is planning. Military Makeover Partner, LegalZoom came to our show with a package of valuable Estate Planning services for the LoBrutto family. An estate plan, all families should have one. LegalZoom offers a number of options to affordably obtain a dependable estate plan supported by advice from an independent attorney. Attorneys that are part of their vetted legal network. An estate plan allows you to specify your wishes, to make decisions about how to distribute assets and name guardians for children, all with the help of an attorney you can trust. LegalZoom has helped more than 900,000 people with their last wills. Along with helping out the LoBrutto Family, LegalZoom has launched a new program to help more military families;