Working for the world’s leading provider of diagnostic services allows employees to enjoy a rewarding environment where they can see the impact of their work in improving human health. Here’s what it’s like to work at Quest Diagnostics as a veteran.

Quest values every employee. Furthermore, they recognize that industry leadership is due in large part to the commitment and dedication of a talented team. In addition, what motivates employees most is the knowledge that their work contributes to improving human health.

So, when Quest brings you on to their team, they value your for your unique skills, background, and experiences. That means Quest’s ability to evolve, expand, and develop innovations relies on a culture of respect. Ultimately, this enables all employees to deliver the best possible service to customers.

Quest’s diverse workforce is one of its competitive advantages. They identify and recruit people whose strong skill sets and perspectives represent the company. That includes military veterans.

Plus, Quest Diagnostics employs nearly 45,000 employees, ranging across hundreds of different locations and departments. So, no matter what role one plays at Quest, every employee is committed to the same goal: improving human health.

So now, stay tuned to learn how veterans translate their skills to careers at Quest. In addition, we sit down with Mandell Jackson and Autumn Church, who discuss their military service, life transitions, and experiences as employees at Quest.