Relocations are all too common when serving in the military. Not only does it affect those who are serving, but it also impacts their family. So what happens when a military spouse wants to pursue a stable legal career?

While some lawyers have the privilege of working at a prestigious law firm or moving up the corporate ladder in the legal department of a major company, military spouses face unique obstacles that can hinder their ability to achieve those same career goals.

That’s where TCDI’s Military Spouse Managed Review (MSMR) program comes in. When Jennifer Andres joined the TCDI staff last year, she brought a personalized view of the problem attorneys who are also military spouses face.

As a military spouse and attorney herself, she understands first-hand the challenges military spouses face, especially those with a law degree. When Jennifer brought forward the idea of using military spouses for the document review process, TCDI was on board.

MSMR offers reliable and flexible career opportunities for military spouses while creating a diverse pool of qualified, adaptable, and experienced reviewers for clients. And for TCDI, MSMR is an opportunity to support Jennifer and other military families while also gaining vital team members.

Stay tuned as we sit down with MSMR’s creator, Jennifer, as well as Brian, a licensed attorney who is married to an active military member.