Welcome to the newest Military Makeover, featuring the Adams Family of Orlando, Florida!

Lance Corporal Michael Adams joined the Marine Corps in 2003. His primary occupational specialty was as a heavy equipment operator, also serving as a Military Police officer. Two years later, during a convoy security in Iraq in 2005, Michael’s vehicle ran over a double stack anti-tank mine.

Since then, he has had numerous surgeries and was diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and PTSD. In 2007, he left the military and 2009, he met his wife Britiany two years later. The Adamses have two beautiful children: Nevaeh is a happy, healthy eight-year old, while three-year-old Cecelia, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, acute Autism and corpus callosum. Cecelia is a happy child, but because of her special needs, along with Michael’s, this very special home makeover is long overdue.

The final addition to the family came in June of 2015 — on four legs. After a yearlong wait, Michael received his service dog J.W., from K9s for Warriors. J.W. cemented his status as a full-fledged family member when he saved Michael’s life after he suffered a late-night stroke, notifying the rest of the family to call 911.