Happy reveal day! Montel, Art, and Jen are ready to welcome the Daniels family back home. Stay tuned to see the exciting and jaw-dropping renovations.

With MakeSpace’s digital photo inventory, our designer Jen tracked and retrieved all of the family’s items she needed to incorporate into her designs for the big reveal.

Thanks to our friends at Philo, Michael and Heather can enjoy lifetime access to more than 60,000 hours of on-demand content and live TV, guaranteeing they’ll always be entertained.

With the kitchen renovations complete, it’s time to install the brand-new appliances provided by the generous folks at Rent-A-Center.

Plus, the LendUS team has been planning a surprise for the Daniels family — and it’s sure to make a splash!

It’s time for Michael and Heather to see their new forever home! And after they do, there will be one more surprise for them from Atlas Ocean Voyages, who heard about Michael and Heather’s wedding plans being cancelled and wanted to gift a honeymoon surprise!