On the newest Military Makeover with Montel®, the team continues their work in Strum, Wisconsin, counting down to the big reveal for the home of decorated military veteran Sgt. Steven Wojcik and his family.

Sgt. Steven Wojcik had served four years of active duty with the U.S. Marine Corps when an IED exploded among vehicles in his convoy in Iraq. The serious injuries he sustained in the attack led this loving husband and father to an honorable discharge and medical retirement in 2005.

Like many veterans, Steven deals with chronic pain, both physical and mental, and has recently opened up about his ongoing struggles with PTSD.

When Steven met his wife Terri in 1999, she recalls knowing immediately that his blood runs red, white and blue to the core. The Wojciks have three daughters: Alyca, 19, Amberlee, 16, and Alyson, 13. Steven is passionate about providing his family a memorable place to live and grow. Terri says she hopes this makeover will put Steven at ease and help show how grateful his country and his family are for his service.

Since we last checked in with ABC Supply Co., great progress has been made on the home’s roof and exterior siding.

Next, Caesarstone transforms the family’s dark, lived-in, and vintage kitchen into a crisp and modern gathering space. Then, to add convenience and comfort to the Wojcik home, we turned to the experts at C by GE.

We’re also saving energy and keeping the critters out with GREAT STUFF™. MyComputerCareer is back as well, donating new technology and creating a home entertainment space.

Plus, Wisconsin State Secretary Kathy Blumenfeld sat down with Steve and Terri to discuss the right ways to plan and save for the costs of college as well as offer a very special surprise.