As the Ewing family Military Makeover kicks into high gear, a host of selfless partners are helping renovate an outdated Miami-area home.

A veteran of several Military Makeovers, Goodman Manufacturing steps up once again for Military Makeover to upgrade the Ewings’ HVAC system to ensure maximum energy efficiency and cost savings for the Miami-area family.

The Ewings’ home was built in 1957, and many of the home’s features reflect its age. Enter our partner Bath Fitter, which is creating a whole new bathroom in just one day for Hilda, the Ewing family matriarch.

The team from MyComputerCareer is ramping up the technology, bringing in smart TVs, installing smart outlets and hooking up a host of other high-tech features.

Military Makeover has been fortunate to team up with a number of long-time partners who are extremely veteran-friendly. The Home Depot probably tops that list. The Home Depot are able to deliver tools and supplies, and an army of eager volunteers show up to pitch in.

Grantham University’s participation on Military Makeover and its awarding of a scholarship to Ewing family member Bianca Avery perfectly align with the university’s rich 67-year history.

There’s no organization that exemplifies the motto “veterans helping veterans” better than the Navy Mutual Aid Association. The Ewings sit down with representatives from Navy Mutual to discuss benefits, their own personal experiences and the needs that arise when transitioning from military to civilian life.